MAN Tractor/Trailer, Number Plate:
     E592KT + E0766EE
 Lenght: 14m (including tractor)
 Width: 4.7m (expanded)
 Height: 3.95m
 Power Requirements: Single 63A inlet
with UPS 27KVA
3-Phase (3P+N+PE)


 16x HD Camera channels & 2x RF
 2x EVS and 4x K2/DynoS                          

 56-Double Layer Faders
 20 HD Recording Channels
 Variety of HD Lenses (Tele or Wide)


 12x GVG LDK-8000 Elite 3G-Triax channels
     Connectors FISHER (Over 8000 Meters of 11mm Cables)
  4x GVG LDK-8300 HighSpeed 3G-Fiber Super Slow Motion channels
     Connectors LEMO 3K.93C
 2x GVG LDK-7500 Viper RF-Cameras (1.95 up 6.95 GHz, Select-able)
 HD TELE Lenses – (100X, 86X, 72X, 66X or according to specific needs of each event)
 HD WIDE Angle Lenses – (14X, 11X or according to specific needs of each event)
 Sony MVS-8000A HD 4 ME switcher 4 Keys/ME with 32-buttons main panel
 Sony MVE-8000A with 8x Channels DME
 3x GVG K2-Summit 3G/DYNO LSM’s units 8-channel – (6 rec/1 play or 4 rec/2 play)
 MIRANDA Multi-View video sources



 CALREC OMEGA Bluefin Audio Mixer with 56 physical faders and 160 DSP Channels
5.1 DOLBY-E and DIGITAL Surround Audio Processing
128x AES/EBU inputs
64x Mic/Line inputs
128x AES/EBU outputs
64x Line outputs
24x Embedders/De-Embedders
All kinds of Microphones – (Long or Short Guns, Stick mics, Wireless)



 Matrix Digital – Clearcom Compact 72x72
14 stations inside the Main Unit
4x 2-wire & 12x 4-wire for communications
4x 4-wire for Wireless Intercom
4x AEQ ISDN Codecs – 2x AEQ PSTN Codecs
10x 16 channels Walkie Talkie



 3x HDCAM VTR’s Spaces
8x SSD HD Recording Units
8x File-Based-Ingest on PC – (H264, DNxHD, Apple ProRes, MJPG, MOV, AVI)
2x Edit-While-Ingest Channels on most popular editing platforms
3x Edit Spaces each with (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro or AVID)


 2x Dual Channel Graphics Generators (4K/HD/SD)
The 2x Character Generators work either independently
     as different CG channels, either in parallel mode (Dual channel shadow Servers) for 100% On Air Redundancy
Supported Resolutions
Each channel can contain up to 9,999 layers of content (with both fill & key/alpha)
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 Full HD wireless ENG Cameras with audio
Full HD wireless Mini Cameras with audio
Live Streaming
Full Duplex Wireless Intercom
Aerial Filming via (specially designed) Drone
Wireless and Wired Mini Cameras for Special
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