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 MERCEDES Number Plate: E0491MA
Length: 6.95 m
 Width: 1.94 m

 Height: 2.65 m

 Power requirements: Single 32A inlet
with UPS 10KVA 3-Phase (3P+N+PE)


  6x HD CAMERA CHANNELS & 2x HD ENG WIRELESS CAMERAS + 2x Mini HD Wireless Cameras
32x Double Layer Physical Faders
1x 8channel Replay Server K2 or EVS XT-3
8x ISO Recording Channels on Removable Media
Variety of HD Lenses (Tele or Wide)
7x Working Benches


 6x Grass Valley LDK-8000 Elite Camera channels
 2x BM Mini URSA Channels on FIBER SMPTE
     Connectors LEMO 3K.93C
 6x Large view finders 7” LCD/CRT
 1200m @ 11mm TRIAX cables onboard
 1x Canon 72x BOX Lenses with remotes
 5x Canon 22/21/18x ENG lenses with remotes
 2x Canon 11x Wide ENG lenses
 BM 4K ATEM 2ME HD switcher with 4 Keys/ME
 4x Channels DVE on each ME
 2x FULL Mix Effect Stages with 20-buttons Banks
1x 43 inch 4K LED with Multiviewer for PGM-PRW-Sources

 2x 24 inch HD LED’s with Multiviewers in Production Area
 3x 24 inch HD LED’s for GFX, LSM and Production Manager
 2x 28 inch 4K LED with Multiviewers in Audio and Vision Area
 BM 4K/HD-SDI 40x40 Video Router with Embedded Audio
 Full 4K/HD-SDI Infra Structure
 8x External Inputs from 3rd party
 2x External UP/DOWN/CROSS Converters



 Accept AES & Embedded Audio
 Soundcraft Expression Si3 with 32-faders
 4x Layers of mixing and monitoring
 1 DOLBY Surround Audio Decoding
 4x Embedders for PGM and more from Router
 2x De-Embedders
  5x AES/EBU inputs
 32x Mic/Line inputs
  5x AES/EBU outputs
 12x Line outputs



 Clearcom PICO
 36x36 Digital Matrix
 7 stations inside the Unit
 2x 2-wire & 8x 4-wire communications
 2x Wireless System (Telex)
 6x 16 channels Walkie Talkie



 1x EVS XT3 LSM’s 8-channels with remotes
 1x K2-Summit 3G with DYNO’s remotes
 4x SSD Units
 1x 4K/HD Duplicator for 25 SD Cards
 4x 4K/HD Ingets channels



 1x Dual Channel Graphics Generator (4K/HD/SD)
 Ability to add 2nd Graphics Generator working in Parallel mode for 100% On-Air Redundancy (Uppon Request)
 Supported Resolutions
 Each channel can contain up to 9,999 layers of content (with both fill & key/alpha)
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 Full HD wireless ENG Cameras with audio
 Full HD wireless Mini Cameras with audio
 Live Streaming
 Full Duplex Wireless Intercom
 Aerial Filming via (specially designed) Drone
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