provides LIVE On-Air graphics services for television productions in the fields of
sporting events, TV productions & networks.
Our team of highly experienced operators & designers
adapt to the production team, creating an environment that benefits the workflow
& have the experience that any event requires.
These services is totally compatible with the timing service
& offers an integral solution where graphic design & timing software merge
to display any type of data in real time, a must in any high-profile event.





 Dual Channel Graphics Generators (4K/HD/SD)
2nd Graphics Generator is working in Parallel mode for 100% On-Air Redundancy (Uppon Request)
Supported Resolutions:
Each channel can contain up to 9,999 layers of content (both fill & key/alpha)
All types of video
All types of image sequence
Flash templates
Still images
Layers that can then be reorganized, restaked, animated & changed in real-time